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I can see it! Can you?

Your very own customized mobile billboard, that is providing free shuttle services for the entire island of Wildwood, NJ. There would have to be a sense of pride!

Shore Shuttles provides a next level platform to connect with your consumer base, using our unique advertising and marketing opportunities.

We will be highly visible to the whole island, socially sharing your brand as we make our way up and down the coastline connecting the people to their favorite destinations.

Shore Shuttles is transforming the way people experience their community and explore places they have never been, but always wanted to go.

By advertising with Shore Shuttles, you are building relationships in the community, and making it possible for the people of wildwood to have this free shuttle service.

Shore Shuttles will be providing over 1 million impressions per shuttle per month, which is placing your brand in the center of the action!

Riders are exposed to your brand for 5-10 minutes, verse 6 seconds at a static billboard.

Survey results

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Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. Washington, D.C.

«In a study of measured consumer awareness and sales between static billboards and mobile billboards … static billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 54%, but mobile billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 107%!»

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Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA Research

«96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising (Static billboards).»