About Us

Free Safe Green Transportation

100% electric cars yield 98.86% reduction in CO2 emissions

Electric golf carts (CO2 reduction)

Friendly drivers

Support of local businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free ride?

Download the app in the Google play or app store, request a ride, receive an ETA from the driver and get ready to have fun!

Is this service Free?

The Shore shuttle service is 100% Free, although gratuity is not necessary, it is welcomed.

Our beloved sponsors allow us the opportunity to provide this free service to the community.

How fast do they go?

They are LSV that go up to 25 MPH and are allowed on the main roads. We can not leave the island nor go on major roadways.

Do I have to use the app to order a ride?

The app is the best way to get our attention. We will make pick ups on the fly, but we’ll ask that you download the app for our metrics and tracking purposes.

Why should I use Shore Shuttles?

Our main goal is to provide Free safe green transportation to the people in this community.

Traffic congestion and the effects of the growing CO2 levels on this planet are great reasons to use our service.

Convenience, safety, good for the environment, and most of all.. FUN!